25 Random, Mainly Boring Facts About Hope

Friday, 29 August 2014

So yep, this is me. The weird, over excited, sometimes crazy, but cool (not really) girl who is going to tell you some really boring facts about herself. These are photos from many different points at this year, and I can already see that I've changed. Just a little bit, hopefully. Did you catch the two baby photo's of me? I was cute then, what happened??

1 - I was named Hope because my parents were hoping for a baby as they were struggling at the time to have one. So I guess I'm pretty special then.... not really I can be annoying sometimes.
2 - I have four cats, Buddy & Holly (like the duo), Purdy (she purr's alot) and Mr. Tibbles.
3 - I have two sisters, a brother, two brother in laws, two nieces and one nephew.
4 - I love retro/vintage everything, I think it's really how I've been brought up. Listening to old music, obsessing over floral/vintage clothes, décor etc etc. I am not complaining as I absolutely love everything with a vintage touch.
5 - I had to grow up really quick due to my dad having cancer twice and my mum suffering from cancer, along with other family issues. I still had a childhood, a good one, but I'm glad I had to mature at a young age as I am sensible for my age now (most of the time) and understanding of other people.
6 - I want to travel a lot, see new places, try new things, take amazing photos and have fun.
7 - I can't wait until I have a little family. I think the whole idea is so lovely. I have been growing up with little babies around me as I have two nieces (6 & 3) and I have a nephew who is going to pop out any time now. Seriously, he's overdue by 12 days. (When you're reading this he's probably already born now, wooo!)
8 - I'm not a very sociable person, I like to stick with my friends and family a lot, and if I have to go somewhere new and meet a lot of new people I am extremely shy, unless I can instantly connect with them.
9 - I can't deal with sadness very well. When I'm upset, I get really upset and never know what to do.
10 - I'm getting stuck already.
11 - I like to read a lot of books. Books take me a while to read, not because I can't be bothered or I struggle with it, I just love to stay in that world for a long time and really get to know the characters and feel the emotions they do.
12 - I would love to go on a mini road trip with my boyfriend/fiancée/husband (one of the three) and go high up somewhere (not a cliff), where there's an amazing view, and we can camp out or sleep in the car (if it's big enough) with the boot open. Have you seen those photos? You probably think I am so 'Tumblr' right now as these people say, but it's something I've always wanted to do for a very long time.
13 - I'm very bad at maths, and really struggled in my GCSE's. I do have to resit again, so you can probably tell I was very pee'd off with myself.
14 - Once I get something in my mind, and idea or thought I have to either do it right there and then, or write it down. Even if it's 2am and I get an idea for a blog post or video I will have to plan and jot it down.
15 - My sleeping pattern is all over the place. I can either fall asleep at 10pm or stay awake until 4am and feel extremely awake.
16 - I love the mornings. Not all of the time, but when you wake up at 5/6am and you feel awake. You can just watch the sun rise and just feel blissfully calm and can think about things. They are the times where I feel truly peaceful and happy. (I did write a blog post at 5am before. Read it here).
17 - I love to sing, song write, act and play guitar. I have always been the one for performing arts since I was little. Always singing, trying out dance classes, going to drama groups. I drifted away from it though once I hit GCSE's as I never took anything to do with performing. Plus I have severe confidence issues when it comes to performing in front of others as a solo.
18 - Like I said I have severe confidence issues when it comes to performing, but I also have confidence issues when it comes to my everyday life. I have insecurities which tend to take over and then I have no idea how to deal with them at the moment. Some days I feel really confident which helps my self esteem alot. It all depends on how you allow yourself to feel. If I have a down day I just try to keep myself happy rather than feeling horrible about myself.
19 - I have always loved music, I was always brought up in a musical environment. We have a huge cupboard where we keep all of out cd's (vinyl's in the attic for some unknown reason) and I am not kidding we have a few hundred in there, plus all of mine.
20 - I like to keep myself to myself and don't like to talk to people very much about how I feel, and if I do talk to someone about how I am feeling I must be pretty upset about something.
21 - I always have to put people first before myself. If someone really needs help with something, emotionally or physically I will always stop what I'm doing to see if they're okay. Unless I'm in a situation where I really can't talk at that time, I am always thinking of others.
22 - I really want to own a dog and a cat when I have my own place. I want them to both be young where they can grow up together and not hate each other, haha.
23 - I am always saying the words 'haha', 'lovely', 'in a minute', 'lol', 'cool', 'hahaha', 'pumpkin' and 'sweetheart'. I'm pretty lame and soppy when it comes to words and I probably annoy everyone with the amount I say them. Especially 'lovely', haha. (see I did it again..)
24 - I love God :) :)
25 - I love blogging and YouTube (obviously)...

So there are some really uninteresting facts about me haha! I am nothing special, but I hope these do just enough, and I hope you've learnt something about me! Have a lovely day.
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