Here Comes Autumn (OOTD)

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Well hello there everyone, I haven't blogged in such a long while now have I? July 23rd to be exact, jeez. I do apologise as I have missed blogging and YouTubing for a long while. I just decided to take a bit of time off for myself and not worry over making a video or writing a blog post. I'm not saying that I find this hobby stressful or annoying by the way, I love it, but we all need a bit of me time right?

So what have I been doing for the past month now then? Ummm, not much. I watched the whole of The Walking Dead Season 4 in a two days, I watched the whole of Orange Is The New Black Season 1 in two days, I watched both seasons of Nashville in two days. Now who is committed there?! I haven't just been watching TV shows though. My family and I are awaiting the arrival of my sisters baby Mason, remember him? I talked about him agesss ago. My sister is 12 days over and is going into hospital tomorrow to try and pop this baby out. I can't wait until I meet him. 

Also, I have been sorting out various things for back to school (videos to come), I am now going into my A-Levels.... send help. I'm excited really (and terrified). I also got my GCSE results, 3A's, 5B's and 3C's. There were many tears on results day as unfortunately I did not pass my maths, again. So you can probably tell that I was totally pee'd off at myself as I now have to resit and revise for it again, whilst doing my A-Levels. Only 8 more weeks of maths, hopefully (wish me luck).

As we are now heading into Autumn now (queue confetti and cheers of joy) I have been bringing out all of my autumn/winter clothes (again party time). If you didn't know I clearly love Autumn and Winter. I honestly don't know why but I obsess over it. Who can't wait until Halloween!?!? I live in Wales as you know (if you don't, welcome. Hi. Aloha. Shwmae - bit of Welsh for ya there) it rains almost 90% of the time, but we have had so much sun recently it's ridiculous. I hate the sun, no I am not a vampire I just love the rain (an excuse to stay inside).

I absolutely love this outfit I made. This was the kind of outfit you do when you're in a rush and you just pray that you look decent. I genuinely feel like this is an autumn appropriate and pretty nice outfit. The flannel/check shirt is from Peacocks in the sale, but you kind find these almost everywhere. (Long time flannel shirt lover here.) The top underneath is from New Look, again I got this in the sale, so I am not too sure if they still have this, fingers crossed! 

My bag is from Matalan, I bought this around 1 to 2 years ago, so I have no idea where you could get this now (again, sorry). I absolutely love this bag. If you didn't know I love the whole retro, 'country' style, it's so flattering and comfortable. I will be doing an What's In My Autumn Bag video/post, so don't you worry about that woo! 

Anyway, this is much longer than a usual outfit post would be, but I just wanted to catch up with you guys because I <3 a="" day.="" have="" wonderful="" you.="">
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