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Friday, 24 April 2015

So I don't even know where to really start.
I'm sat here. More like led here, on my bed writing this post because I've really missed writing here.

I haven't been around for a while I know, and 2015 was the year where I was so determined to post a blog post every.single.week. And so far in the year of 2015 I have written two blog posts. Quite frankly I'm annoyed and sad that I haven't been quite as consistent with my blog as I would've liked, but here's the thing... I am coming back. New as ever.

So this years been pretty busy, with being in what I call the busiest, most frustrating, time consuming, tiring, hair pulling, stress crying environment I call sixth form, dealing with loss of friendships, going to open days at a college to study at for an extra two years because I very much dislike the school I'm in currently. By the way, I have been accepted and enrolled into college and I will be studying Creative Media for two more years. Meeting new people, dealing with many issues, running a YouTube channel, getting a new blog design - do you like?, buying new computers, learning how to edit on Final Cut Pro X,  and spending 7 hours editing one video, and so many more things that I have been juggling pretty much at the same time.

But, apart from all of these things which are very stressful, this year has so far been fun. I have developed new friendships which I am happy with, I have experienced new things, I turned a year older, I have set new goals, I am working harder, I am trying to overcome my trials that I face, I am still obsessed with cats and buying things all of the time, I am learning how to play the piano and guitar, I am trying to grow in confidence, and once again, I have done many more things which I am so grateful to experience.

Even though I have not been as active on this blog as I have been on my YouTube channel, I still pop back on and read the comments I have been sent, or read back through old blog posts which are memories. I have also created a whole list of what I'd like to either bring back or add new to my little life here online.

Things I'd Like To Bring Back:
- Positive Sunday: A short & sweet post every Sunday morning to hopefully brighten someones day and set their mood for the upcoming week. Maybe possibly my own. I'll select and share a nice image, or quote, or even just write about something I've been thinking about that week and talk about it, which will hopefully help and inspire one of you.
- Lifestyle & Inspirational Talks: Similar to Positive Sunday, but these are usually totally out of the blue. Totally random, and more vulnerable than ever. Sometimes I just have so much on my mind, or I am so troubled with something that I will have to sit down and write about it and give you advice, but they're also so I can also read them to reflect on them, and the advice I give. My two personal favourites are 'Be Gentle With Yourself, You're Doing The Best You Can', and 'A Day In My Life: Complete Serenity and Calm'.

Things I'd Like To Introduce:
- Food Posts: Because everyone loves food right?
- Fashion Posts: Mini Look Books, Outfit Of The Day's, all that kind of stuff.
- Adventure/Lifestyle Posts: I want to take you out into the world with me. I want to show you what I see through a photograph and a little bit of thought.
- DIY/MIY Posts: Whether this be how to make a smoothie to how to build your own house (I'm kidding), you will find it here.

These are just some of the small things I want to bring back or introduce into my blog, but also into my YouTube channel. I'm am all ears for requests of what you'd like to see me do as sometimes it gets hard for us social media obsessors to figure out what we want to film or write about next.

I've really enjoyed writing this post for you guys because, and this may sound silly, it feels like I'm home. I have finals coming up soon that I'm studying really hard for, but the good thing is I only have 4 exams this year, and then I'm done, and hopefully I will never have to sit an exam again. *Round of applause*.
I have so many fun ideas that I want to share here on my blog and also on my YouTube channel, but things are going to start off slow as I am still in school, but on the 4th June, the day I finish this school year, I guarantee there will be a post and a YouTube video every single week. Who knows, maybe there will be more.

So, as I'm typing this I'm trying to think if theres anything else I want to write about, but for right now I think thats all. Prepare for a new, more interesting blog post next week, I'm not sure about you but I'm excited to roll back into things.

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