Baking Is Good For The Soul

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Baking is good for the soul. Fact. Whether you're feeling down, whether you're in a good mood, or whether you just want to bake, baking is something that can just make you feel good, and make your day better.  I am not the best at baking, so I tend to use box mixes as it's 10x easier. I own 10 cook books and I have not baked anything out of any of them. I think it's time I venture out and actually bake out of one of them.

Today I baked a carrot cake (from a cake mix) and it turned out really well. Well, it did burn slightly around the edges but you can just cut those off right? I didn't take a photo of the final result as quite frankly my icing skills aren't amazing, and well, I don't think you'd like to see what it looks like.

Apart from not being the best cake maker, I do love to bake as it really lifts my mood when I'm down, and today baking really helped lift my mood. If you like to bake please leave some recommendations on what I should bake next as I really want to learn some new recipes, and try new tasty dishes!

- Hope

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