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Monday, 13 July 2015

Ultrabland Cleanser: A beautifully simple and effective cleanser made with almond oil, rose water, beeswax, honey, and fresh Iris extract. The Ultrabland cleanser gently strips away all traces of dirt and make up without stripping away the skins natural defences leaving your skin soft and supple. 

How to apply: Take a small amount of the Ultrabland cleanser onto damp hands and gently apply in circular motions to a damp face. Allow to products to sit for a minute before removing.
How to remove: I personally like to remove the Ultrabland facial cleanser with luke warm water and a soft facial cloth. By removing the product with a facial cloth I know that the product is being removed well, and I get to see all of my make up being removed throughly.
What I Think: The Ultrabland cleanser has literally saved my skin. I used to regularly break out and scar badly but since using the Ultrabland cleanser, my breakouts have reduced and when I do see a face demon the cleanser puts it to bed. My skin looks healthier, and feels softer and my bare skin confidence has increased.
The Ultrabland cleanser comes in two different pot sizes, 45g for £7.50 & 100g for £11.50. 
I purchased the 45g pot and I swear it is going to last me a lifetime.

Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub: With limes steeped in Vodka, grapefruit and lashings of salt are put into this invigorating and gentle scrub. With coconut oil, avocado butter, and seaweed absolute this body scrub will keep the skin soft, smooth and conditioned.
When to use: Use the Ocean Salt Scrub twice a week for an exfoliating, buff pamper.
How to apply: Apply a generous amount of the scrub onto your hands and apply in circular motions onto damp skin.
How to remove: I like to remove the scrub with a damp cloth or by using my hands.
Quick Tip: Make sure to apply over the skin or bath as it can be a little messy.
What I Think: I love the Ocean Salt scrub. It is a treat to use during the week. It removes and helps any dryness on my skin and the scent really wakes me up in the mornings.
The Ocean Salt face & body scrub comes in two different sized pots. 120g for £7.75 or 250g for £13.95.

D'Fluff Shaving Cream: With fresh strawberries and cocoa butter the D'Fluff shaving cream will seriously leave your legs silky smooth, and smelling fantastic. The marshmallow treat also contains coconut oil, golden syrup, and egg whites which creates that whipped texture.

How to apply: Scoop a generous amount of D'Fluff onto damp hands and lather. Then apply onto legs, face, or armpits and shave rinsing the blade often. Make sure to go extra gentle around delicate places.
How to remove: Either remove this sweet treat with a flannel or by rinsing with the shower.
Quick Tip: After shaving apply your favourite moisturiser onto your legs for extra silkiness. Although you probably won't need to as your legs will feel like a babies butt.
What I Think: The D'Fluff shaving cream is one of my favourite shaving products. The scent is heavenly and my legs are always so smooth after use that I rarely need to put on moisturiser (even though it's important). The only thing I would say is that if you're not so keen on strawberries this won't be for you.

The D'Fluff shaving cream comes in two different sized pots. 70g for £5.75 or 150g for £9.95.

This is part of my current skin care routine. Lush has literally changed my life, and my skin! What's your current skin care routine? If you'd like to see a full updated skin care routine on my YouTube channel then head on over to my channel and comment on my last skin care routine video.   

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