Natural Beauty.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Natural beauty. We all have it. We do. Sometimes we are so wrapped up in the fact that we need to be perfect. We need to have perfection in our lives. We can't have stray eyebrow hairs, we can't have dark circles under our eyes and redness on our skin. We have to be 'flawless'. I've learnt that being flawless isn't having the perfect body or having perfect skin/teeth/hair. Being flawless, being 'perfect' is by having imperfections. So it's okay if your eyebrows are not perfectly shaped, or you have a couple of blemishes here or there because our imperfections make us the incredible human beings we are. They make us, us. We are completely unique, we are the one and only. There will never be another one of you completely. You are special, you are perfectly imperfect in so many ways so love yourself deeply. God made us with so much love, thought and appreciation and I cannot help think that when I doubt myself and frown upon myself and how I look, that the Lord is looking down at me and thinking 'but I made you so wonderfully, why would you hate the way you are?', and that thought makes my heart ache. That thought makes me realise that we have been created by someone who loves us more than we have ever loved ourselves, so we need to be kind and appreciative of ourselves. If you struggle with accepting yourself for you just look at yourself, in the mirror and just tell yourself that you are wonderful. Because you truly are, and the only person who can make you believe that is you.... and some other special people on the way.

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