Fireworks & Sparkles

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Hey loves,

I haven't written on this blog in so long, and I think I can officially be awarded the worst blogger award. I haven't seemed to be managing my time very well lately, but since buying my Kate Spade planner my life seems a lot more structured. It's funny to see how one small step can make a difference. So expect to see more posts from me very frequently, possibly every Monday!

It's recently been Fireworks Night, aka Bonfire Night, aka Guy Fawkes night, but to me it's just Fireworks night. This night is something I am always excited for every year. I love spending my time with family and friends setting off fireworks, and playing with sparklers. Our tradition every year is to have hot dogs and either go to a fireworks display, or just have them at home. It's a tradition that will always live on in my life. It's the simple things that bring happiness. 

To me, fireworks, even though how loud they are bring so much peace and comfort to me. I love looking up in the sky and seeing just streaks of colour exploding into patterns and shapes. It's almost magical. In that moment when looking up into the sky there is nothing else around you, it's just the huge starry night sky facing down at you. All your troubles, doubts, fears, all go away just for a split second, because for a second you're not focusing on whats around you, only what you can see. 

I think we now as a society look around us to much at the negative, and not the positive, and we don't look up as much as we should. We dwell on all of the things that get to us, we don't see the natural, amazing beauty we have around us. We take things for granted too often, and don't see how blessed we are less often. 

I have personally been in this situation, where I dwell too much on things that make me unhappy, and look at my 'horrible' flaws too closely, and look at the things that have happened in the past and hurt me. I need to stop looking in the past, and so do you. You need to realise that your flaws are what make you the most amazing human being, and different from everyone else. If we looked like everyone else, this wonderful world would be incredibly boring.

So I set a challenge for you to do right now. Get two pieces of paper and on paper 1 write down all the things you love about yourself, and on paper 2 write down everything you 'dislike' about yourself. Now throw paper 2 in the trash and instead all of the things you may hate about yourself write onto paper 1, because I bet you that the things you write on paper 2, belong on paper 1. You are a beautiful, amazing human being and you need to know that. 

Place that positivity paper somewhere where you can see it as soon as you wake up in the morning, because reminding yourself of how amazing you are will really change your state of mind, and will make a huge impact on your life.

I know that I don't know each and everyone of you personally, but what I do know is that you are probably one of the nicest people, and the nicest people are the best people to know. So you are pretty rad.

So don't forget to look up at the sky sometimes, and whether there are fireworks in the sky or not, realise that when looking at the great big sky, that your problems that you think are so big, are in reality just a tiny little spec. You will be okay, just show your spark to the world and keep shining it bright. Don't let it run out.

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