Love Heart Valentines Day Cookies!

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Valentines Day. The day where couples show that they love each other more than usual through showering each other in gifts, and "Netflix and chilling". The day where all the single ladies, or men cry into a cup of Ben & Jerry's whilst watching the iconic 'Valentines Day' or 'Love Actually', and the day where girls and boys have the courage to tell their crush that they like them.

Not really.... Valentines Day is a day where love is shown and appreciated even more than usual. Couples may get engaged, married, or even have just started being a couple. It's a day to tell your kids, your family, your pets that you love them. Yes, some people may cry into a cup of Ben & Jerry's, how do I know? I've done the exact same thing, but Valentines Day is one of my most favourite days of the year because the whole day is filled with chocolates, love hearts, gifts, kisses and happy memories.

If you're one of these people who simply do not know what to gift to your loved one, whether it be your boyfriend, girlfriend, kid, or cat then this super easy white chocolate love heart cookies is the perfect little thing to gift this Valentines Day. Did I mention it was super easy?


+ One Betty Crocker White Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
+ Two Tablespoons of Water
+ Love Heart Sweeties
(Easy right?)

+ Mixing Bowl
+ Wooden Spoon
+ Spatula

1. Pre Heat oven to 190° C
2. Pour cake mix and two tablespoons of water into your mixing bowl
3. Mix until dough texture is formed. Add more water if necessary (less is more remember!)
4. Once dough is formed roll 6-8 individual pieces of cookie dough into a ball shape
5. Grease your baking tray ready for you cookie dough to be put on
6. Once heated put your cookies into the oven for 10-11 minutes, or until golden brown
7. Let cookies cool after removing from the oven
8. Using a spatula, remove the cookies from the baking tray and put on a plate or board
9. Push your love hearts into the cookies (the cookies will be very soft so be careful not to break them!)
10. Voila! Your easy Love Heart cookies are done!

Did I mention how easy this recipe is?! It is one of the quickest bakes I have ever made, and the outcome is so, so delicious. You can decorate these cookies however you would like! Grab some pink, or red icing and draw love hearts, or grab some sprinkles too to make them look extra cute! I thought that the Love Hearts would make a cute little decoration as they all have cute messages already on them!

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Have the sweetest Valentines Day lovelies! xoxo

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