I'm Still Here // An Update On My Life

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Well hey. My names Hope and if you've forgotten me, well. I'm back. 

I have been on a major hiatus lately, I know, and it wasn't until last week when looking on my blog I saw how many blog posts I've written during 2016. I've written 3. Compared to way back when in 2014 when I wrote 59 I have totally slacked on the whole blogging scenario.


A Fresh Start: College
During the fall of 2015 I started college to study a creative media & film course. For you American's college isn't your version of college, it's further education for us British folk. I've now finished my first year of this course and it's honestly been the hardest, but most amazing school year I've ever had. I've made amazing friends, learnt so much, and have furthered my skills which are helping me out in all aspects of life - creatively, YouTube wise and blog wise.

My class is a pretty small class. There's only 12 of us, but we all share the same creative passion in creating video, audio, and graphic content. Although this year has been so much fun, it's been pretty darn tough. I've had assignment after assignment, both written and practical, and some assignments have been over 10,000 words. I'm a hard worker, but this year has truly made me push myself to do the best I can. There's been tears, breakdowns, threats to leave the place, and sleepless nights, but in the end, it's been so worth it, but I'm not going to lie, I'm so glad I'm on summer break.

On The Road Again: I Passed My Test!
I can now drive! Back in September I took my drivers test and passed first time with only four minors! I am so proud of myself still that I passed my test because I used to be so scared to drive, and was so nervous the day of my test! Between you and me, on the day of my test, I accidentally tried to drive on the wrong side of the road.... on the motorway. I nearly gave my driving instructor a heart attack. My driving examiner was a total sweetheart and we just chatted the whole duration of the test. I had all of the manoeuvres that I could knock out of the park, and the whole test was an absolute breeze. I absolutely love driving, but I honestly don't drive anywhere because I never have anywhere to go, what a life. Haha!

Country Lovin' & My Music
In March, I attended the Country 2 Country (C2C) festival. It was the most amazing weekend of my life, and I got to see and meet so many of my idols, and music inspirations. The whole weekend was filled with country music goodness and amazing Nashville vibes. It was like Nashville just moved over to London.  I saw so many of my favourite artists and found out about some incredible musicians. From Carrie Underwood, Little Big Town, to Maren Morris and High Valley the talent running through that venue was magical.

If you didn't know music basically runs through my veins. I love to play the guitar, and sing, and if I could, I would absolutely love to be a country artist. I sometimes like to play around and try and write my own songs, but they never go outside of my journal.

I'm hoping (take that seriously) to visit Nashville either at the end of this year, or at some point in 2017, and if I do you can count on endless photos, vlogs, and blog posts that would probably take up the duration of a few months. If I ever get the chance to, I would love to move to Nashville and call that my second permanent home.

I am attending Country 2 Country next year in March, and I'm staying for the whole duration (10th-12th) so if you're going to I would absolutely love to meet you and say hi! We can talk about all of the fun things, and country music, and how much we love Sam Hunt!

The Nashville Tour
On the 18th of June, I went to Bristol to see Sam Palladio, Chris Carmack, Charles Esten and Clare Bowen for the Nashville tour. This concert was honestly one of the best days of my life, and I've never witnessed, and been a part of such a heartfelt, intimate, loving concert. Each one of these people  incredibly talented in what they do and are seriously the nicest people in the world. When they sang my favourite song 'A Life That's Good' I nearly burst into tears, and the fact that my mum was already crying didn't help haha.

The show Nashville has had such a big impact on my life, and when I heard that the show was cancelled, well, let me just say this... my mascara was a mess. Thankfully (!!!) both CMT and Hulu have picked up the show for season 5 so I'm incredibly happy!

What's Next For The Blog?
So I am going to be blogging a lot throughout the summer because I absolutely love writing on here, and now I have more time without schoolwork I have all the time in the world to create and share blog posts with you guys! Even when I go back to college in September I will definitely be posting blogposts on a regular basis!

For the time being my schedule for this blog is going to be twice a week on Mondays, and Thursdays, and they will be posted at 6pm GMT time.  Side note: This may not happen every week because life! When I go back to college in September it will be every Monday as I post my YouTube videos on a Friday!

I'm so glad I'm back on the blog and I'm writing again. I've missed you guys! I hope you're having an amazing day and this is me signing out. xo
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