Friendships 101: Part 1 | The 10 Commandments Of Friendships

Friday, 12 August 2016

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If you read my latest Motivational Monday blog post you then you know that I wrote a little something about friendships, and had too much to say about the topic so I decided I would create a separate post. Well, I was right, I have WAY too much to say, and could release a novel, so my one blog post plan is turning into a 2 part series. From what it takes to be a good friend, how to make & break up friendships, and my own personal experiences I'm hoping these will help you will all of your friendship needs.

Friendships should be fun. Your friend should be your partner in crime, and you should love, and support each other. You should go on late night drives to go get take out, give them ice cream when they need it, and hang out + have fun pretty much all of the time. 

If you feel like your friendship is completely one sided, and you feel like your friendship is just going down the drain then I have some advice for that, but for now let's talk about what a friendship should consist of, and how to make the most out of one. Sure, a friendship doesn't just consist of 10 'rules', there are many 'commandments' that you should follow, but these are some that I find most important to me. 

The 10 Commandments Of Friendships:

1. Thou shalt take amazing pictures of one another.
It is your duty to your friend to take candid, cute, and totally Pinterest worthy photos of your friend. Even if you have to lie on the floor to get the shot, you do it. And, if the photo looks bad, tell her. You don't want your friend posting a photo of themselves with lipstick on their teeth. 

2. Thou shalt not post a photo of you both on the Insta when the other person looks bad. 
If you and your bestie have a photo sesh you should never post a photo to any social media site if the other person looks bad. If you look good and your friend's eyes are shut DON'T post it. You could pull a Kim K and crop him/her out, but still, in all honesty, just choose another one.

3. Thou shalt support everything they do, + help them through the rough times.
Whether its work, school, their hobby or their life you should support them through their journey, and give them a well-deserved kick in the butt when they want to give up. FYI: Don't actually kick them up the butt.

4. Thou shalt be a shoulder to cry on + provide all of the ice cream & pizza available.
If they're crying over stress, school, a boy/girl or the fact that their favourite character on TV died, be their shoulder to cry on, heck even cry with them too. If you watch the same TV show then you'll be crying too anyway. Grab the Kleenex, open the wine and eat an unhealthy amount of food. 

5. Thou shalt always be kind, respectful, loving + never speak badly about the other person.
I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. If you're not kind or respectful to your friend, and you speak badly about them, then the truth is that you're not really being the best BFF. Sure you can call your friend a 'plonker' if they do something stupid, but if you call them mean names then you may need a reality check.

6. Thou shalt never be secretive or tell lies. 
Again, this is self-explanatory. Whether it's about what you heard a person say about your friend, or if they want to know where they got your shirt from, or what shade of lipstick you're wearing, tell them. It's not like your friend wants to be you because the truth is a thousand other people have that lipstick too.  

7. Thou shall laugh at all of the bad jokes your friend tells.
Now I'm a person for telling bad jokes, and when you tell the joke and you're the only one laughing it can be pretty embarrassing, that's why you, best friend have to save the day and laugh. Trust me, it makes things less awkward.

8. Thou shalt have nothing to do with your friend's ex-girlfriend/boyfriend or current crush.
Two words: JUST DON'T.

9. Thou shalt be a human vault, and not use their secrets against them if you fall out.
When your friend opens up to you about something, you keep their secret and tell no one. Even your mum/sister/cat. Well tell your cat, it's not like anyone can find out unless they're a cat whisperer. Also, don't use your friends secrets against them if you have an argument, that's all sorts of low.

10. Thou shalt not let him/her let go of oneself. 
If your friend is starting to completely let themselves go, tell them. If your friend usually dresses up to go to class, and suddenly all they wear their sweats and a messy bun, ask them if everything's ok. Sure it's okay if you wear your sweats to class, but if you notice a dramatic change then put your superhero cape on and help fix whatever is bothering them.

So these are my 10 commandments of friendship. Sure there are many more I can think of, but for now these are the ones I wanted to share with y'all today. What friendship commandments do you stick to? Write them in the comments below and lets have a huge blog sleepover! 
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