Motivational Monday #1 - Friendships, Happiness, Self Care & Dreamers

Monday, 8 August 2016

Back in the olden days of 2013, I used to post weekly motivational posts consisting of fun finds from Pinterest. Seen as I am a Pinterest addict, I thought I would bring back these motivational posts, and call them 'Motivational Mondays'. These posts will not replace my normal blog posts, but they're just something a little extra. 

"Not Having Friends Does Not Make You Unlovable"

As an 18-year-old young women, it's safe to say I've had my fair share of friendship break up's (and will probably endure many more), and realisations of that it's quality over quantity in the friendship world. It's safe to say that I only have one girl-friend now, and to be quite frank, it's one of the best friendships I've had because we support each other, and boost each other up in what we do.

Friendships shouldn't be hard, upsetting, and shouldn't make you feel like your worth isn't good enough, and if the friendship you're in is making you feel insignificant then you need to break it up. Sure friendship break up's can be hard. You've been friends with the person for however long, and you feel like if you break up with him/her, you're never going to be happy again. Let me tell you that you are going to be happy, and will probably be much happier than you were when you were friends with that person. 

As I have TOO much to say about friendships, (I could write a book) and specifically friendship break up's, prepare for a blog post all about this topic we girls (+ boys) face day to day. 

"Happiness Looks Gorgeous On You"

Happiness is an amazing feeling that a human can feel, but, let's be real. We're not hippy dippy "life is wonderful!" all of the time. Sometimes we're sad, angry, frustrated. You know the emotion reel, some days we wake up, and pick one a feeling and stick to it the entire day. We have every right to feel the emotions we feel, but if you're sad/anxiety ridden all of the time then maybe speak up, and talk to someone you love if you're thinking that somethings not too right. 

Personally, when I'm beaming with happiness, and having a great day, I'm feeling more confident in myself, and quite frank I believe that I could run the world (step back BeyoncĂ©). Happiness does look gorgeous on you, but so does every other emotion... Well, maybe not anger, that could be scary. But, when you really show that you're human and that you care for yourself, and others, that's what's beautiful. 

Audrey Hepburn once said "The happiest girls are the prettiest", and as much as I love the great Audrey, I call BS. All girls are pretty, no matter how we're feeling. Instead of "The happiest girls are the prettiest", I would rather say "The happiest girls make a difference". When you're happy, you can make a difference to the world. You don't only shine confidence, but you attract to others, you can lift other people's spirits, you show others that you're friendly, and open to conversation. If you are shining happiness (even if you don't really feel like being happy), let me tell you that you will most likely attract a conversation with someone who would really appreciate someone to talk to.

"Make Yourself A Priority"

As much as it is amazing to serve and help the people around you, you should never put yourself on a back burner. I love to help people. I love being a shoulder to cry on, do service, and try to do the best I can for other people constantly, but sometimes that can result in me not taking care of myself, and not giving myself a break.

Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't help your community, and be good spirited, but if you're doing so much work that you can't even spend 10 minutes of your time to paint your nails, then I'd reconsider how much you're doing on a day to day basis. 

A throwback to about 3 months ago. I had a huge assignment due on a Friday morning and hadn't quite finished everything that needed to be finished. I had already written 6 pages, but I wanted to work harder, get my estimated grade, and finish the assignment as best as I could. Six hours in I realised that I was still nowhere near finished (note to self: stop writing so much) so I stayed up. All night. By this I don't mean that I stayed up until 3am, I mean I didn't sleep at all. 20+ pages later my assignment was finished, and I could hand it in on time. Was the fact that I completely had no sleep to finish an assignment worth is? Yes. I got an A. But, was it completely practical? No. I didn't sleep, completely went against my bodies needs, and fell asleep in class the next day for about 2 minutes. 

Now I'm not saying that you shouldn't work hard and study hard, you completely should, but if you're constantly not getting sleep due to staying up all night to finish an essay then you may want to reevaluate some things, and even speak to your teacher. 

If you're thinking that my time scheduling is completely off balance and that I should've completed the assignment sooner, just take note that I also had 2 other huge assignments due in the same day, and let me tell you. I was a completely drained and had never had such a nice sleep the next night. 

What I'm getting at with this whole story is that balance is key. There's only so much work you can endure until your engine runs out. Take care of yourself, work hard, play hard, eat healthy food, eat junk food, live your life.

"Once Upon A Time You Were A Little Girl With Big Dreams That You Promised You'd Make Real One Day. Don't Disappoint Yourself"

I think this is quite self-explanatory. Remember when you were a little girl and you used to tell your mum + dad that you wanted to be a doctor, actress, singer, princess? Well maybe princess is a little far fetched but a girl can dream, right? Are you living up to those dreams now? Are you working hard to create your dreams into a reality? Yes, great, keep doing you boo. But if no, then if whatever you wanted to be is still what you want to be now, then start working towards you dream, and don't let anybody tell you that you won't make it.

All my life I've never settled to which career I wanted to work in. Trust me I've listed every career in the book. Princess, doctor, news reporter, singer, actress, director, and countless others I have never known what I've wanted to do. But deep down when we all say that I bet there's one little tiny piece in your head + heart that knows what you've wanted to do.

I've always been the creative type, from art to music + drama, to media I've always loved creating. That's why I love creating content here on the blog, and on YouTube. Since I was little I've always loved the idea of being an actress and a singer, but further, into my teenage years I started to put those dreams on a back burner, and really concentrated on my studies. In reality, I should've carried on those dreams into my high school studies, but I didn't, and dwelling on the past is just depressing.

As of 2016 I took steps towards making my 5-year-old self's dreams come true. It hasn't been that easy, and to be really honest I haven't been given many opportunities yet, but does that mean I'm going to give up? Hell no. I'm going to keep going. 

In the great words of our #GIRLBOSS Sophia Amoruso, "The straight and narrow road is not the only path to success". Life isn't easy. Your dreams won't be at the end of the Yellow Brick Road. You can't just walk down the street to get to them. You have to work hard, take all sorts of bends and twists along the way, and have a few 'I can't do this' moments. From one aspiring dreamer to another, don't give up, even when you want to. You can do this. 
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