Wallpapers of the moment from Shop Ban.dō

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Recently on the blogging community I've seen people sharing some of their favourite phone wallpapers of the moment. Recently I've been obsessed with the free wallpapers from Shop Ban.dō. Their quirky and fun wallpapers always make my phone look 10x better, and inspire me to be creative.

I'm constantly changing my phone wallpaper, and if you're like me then you know that you can never have enough wallpapers stored away on your picture gallery. Hopefully you like all of these wallpapers, and you can find a lot more from the Shop Ban.dō website.

To download: 
On The Computer: Click on each link + right click. You can then 'save as' and either email, or airdrop to your phone.
 On Your Phone: Press down onto your chosen wallpaper and 'save photo'.

1: here 2: here 3: here

4: here 5: here 6: here
7: here 8: here 9: here
10: here 11: here 12: here 

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