"A New Year. A New Me." Hello, 2017.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

2O17. Holy cow. 2O16 has gone fast. I hope everyone has a fun, safe, exciting and memorable New Year's Eve/Day! 2O16 has been such a whirlwind of a year for me. I've been on what seems a non-stop rollercoaster this year and let me tell you, I can't wait to get off. It's not so fun after a while. Maybe in 2O17 I'll take the Tea Cups. 

There's been so much loss and hurt in the world this year and I hope 2O17 will bring less of that for people. I've had some amazing experiences and memories in 2O16, but I've also had many times where I have lost myself but picked myself back I up again. This year I learnt a lot about myself and what I love to do, and what I want to do in life. From going to a country music festival and seeing so many people in a time span of 3 days who inspire me, to taking time off from social media to clear my thoughts, but to also come back with a new outlook, and new ideas to put on the table (aka YouTube). 

Not spending most of my time on social media allowed me to spend more time with my family, visit new places, and fall in love with new things. The times this year I wouldn't go out with my family so I could film weren't fun. I wasn't loving what I was filming, and I didn't love that I was missing out on experiences either. Memories are more important than how many GB are being used on SD card. I'm so excited to come back to social media with a new outlook, and content to show y'all. I'm never leaving my channel, but this break from it really helped.

I'm so thankful for my family and the memories we have made this year. From watching countless amounts of Gilmore Girls and taking trips to Tesco with my mum, to finding new TV shows with my dad and helping him when he needs it 2O16 has been fun. 2O16 has taught me that strangers can become friends, and friends can become strangers, and that some people aren't what they seem, and it's okay to let go. Doing what's best for you and your family is more rewarding, and quite frankly happier than staying in the cart when the roller coaster breaks down. Get out, fix the error, grab some ice cream and jump back on. Or maybe eat ice cream after the ride ends. Your preference. 

I'm so excited to see what 2O17 brings, and what I'll encounter, but I'm bittersweet about the closing of 2O16. Life is about living in your Prime. So if you didn't fully live in you Prime this year, you've got a whole other year and a lot more to do so.

Peace out kiddos. See you next year. Wow, I haven't seen you in a year? Crazy. Wait? You're telling me you haven't had a bath in a year? Jump in the deep end, here's some soap.


  1. I hope your 2017 has been great so far. This year I want to be able to spend more time with my family because I spend way too much time on my laptop.
    Aleeha xXx


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